Travel Inventor is a Swiss-based tour operator, consisting of an enthusiasts team, valuing people, fresh ideas, and product’s high-quality.

Have you ever dreamt about going somewhere to chill, sitting in the office in front of a mountain of papers, when your office phone is constantly ringing, colleagues ask numerous questions, and more work is falling to your shoulders?

Travel Inventor feels you.

Have you ever imagined yourself sitting in a lovely local restaurant having delicious dinner while a lot of housework is waiting?

Travel Inventor was in the same situation.

Have you ever felt the urgent need for a getaway when you used already all your holidays? For a short, high-quality break to remember for a long time?

Travel Inventor is at your disposal.

We are experts in long weekend tours and looking forward to creating your dream vacation.

Key advantages

  • No need in taking two weeks of vacation in the middle of the year
  • Trusted suppliers, guides, and transfers
  • Fewer expenses
  • Accommodation in centrally located hotels
  • The most exciting and beautiful destinations in Europe
  • Only private group of people you know

Need more information?

Please feel free to ask any questions or check our tours to be inspired and start planning your vacation.

More extended tours are organized upon request and are based only on your wishes and interests. 

Our values

Travel Inventor is all about uniting professionalism and hedonism under one roof. Our team consists of people in love with travelings and exploration. We take responsibility and care for each vacation as that is our own.

We are a small, homey company that stays in touch with clients, listens to them, and constantly updates products according to new trends and people’s requests.

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about which tour you would enjoy in the form below and get a postcard from Switzerland!