Custom Travel Guides

Most handbooks on the market are either designed with first-time travelers in mind (i.e., don’t go beyond the basics that you can easily google yourself) or they go the opposite way and offer way too much information for convenient use. We do neither. Our approach is to create a custom-made guide for every client, based on their interests and our extensive experience.

What is more, to make sure that you get a unique perspective on the destination and experience it like a traveler rather than a tourist, we check out with the locals from around Europe about things you shouldn’t miss: from hidden gems to restaurants where you can find authentic traditional cuisine.

Two women on a bridge in Venice. One of them is holding a travel guide.

Why Guides by Travel Inventor

Personalized Approach

We specialize in creating made-to-order guides based around your interests, rather than the fit-for-all handbooks you can find everywhere. Whether you are a first-time visitor who could use a bit of help navigating a destination or an avid traveler who has a specific request in mind - we've got you covered.

Local's Input

Our guides are a combined effort of our team with years of experience and our local experts from all over Europe. We want to give you a chance to explore the destination like a traveler rather than a tourist, and there is no better way to learn where to look for authenticity than getting a local's perspective on "must" experiences. 

Tour Discount

All happy owners of our guides get a 10% discount on planning a vacation with us! Even though our guides are an excellent base for building the itinerary of your dreams, some people find that the technical side of booking a trip is not their cup of tea. And we will be happy to step in and take the responsibility off your hands.