Your Guide to the Types of Italian Restaurants

It goes without saying that one of the best things about Italy is its traditional cuisine. And it seems like nothing can be simpler than enjoying this aspect of Italian culture, as the popular destinations aren’t lacking options for dining out. But in reality, there are a few things you need to know before picking out the venue, and one of them is the difference between the kinds of Italian restaurants. If most people know exactly what a pizzeria is, seeing places like otteria and enoteca might raise a few questions.
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Breathtaking Vernazza, Italy

Hidden Gems in Italy You Shouldn’t Miss

As sad as it is to admit, in most cases, the vacation time is not unlimited. The reality is that the huge list of things we want to see and do is way too often crushed by the necessity of prioritizing what we actually have time for. And when it comes to such a remarkable destination as Italy, where the list of A-list places that will take your breath away is not that much smaller than The Great Gatsby, it’s no surprise that a lot of humbler destinations fall into the cracks. Read More “Hidden Gems in Italy You Shouldn’t Miss”

Must-Know Tips for Dining in Italy

It’s not a secret that one of the most compelling reasons why people from all over the world come to Italy is the amazing food. It’s adored just as much as priceless artworks, top-range fashion houses, gorgeous luxury cars, and the world-hit Italian phenomenon that is Måneskin, and the simple act of dining out in Italy can easily be the highlight of one’s day. However, it can also be surprisingly tricky, as this country has a few unique rules and restaurant fees that not everyone is aware of.
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Best time to go to Italy

Best Time to Go to Italy

For better or worse, some things never change. For example, nothing can alter the Newtonian constant of gravitation, the change of the seasons, or the attractiveness of Italy as a travel destination. Come what may, Italy will always be one of the most incredible places on the planet, boasting unparalleled cultural, historical, artistic, and even gastronomical heritage. It rightfully ranks at the top of all Best Places to Visit lists and is never short of attention. But do you know when the best time to go to Italy is? There are several matters to consider before answering this question, so let’s talk about a few popular options. Read More “Best Time to Go to Italy”

Romantic Venice, one of the best destinatinos for an Italy tour

5 Days in Italy: What to See and Do

As you know, the sun-kissed country of Italy is not deprived of amazing things to see. On the contrary, there are so many incredible sights to explore that planning a perfect getaway is not an easy task. And it’s rather hard to decide what should go on your must-see list as it is, but if time is of the essence and you have only a few days for sightseeing, this challenge becomes almost impossible. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To help you plan a perfect Italy vacation, we’ve put together an example of a perfectly-paced itinerary, offering suggestions on how to spend 5 days in Italy without overdoing it.
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A woman drinking aperol spritz near the Colloseum

7 Reasons Why Rome Getaway Is a Great Idea

The capital city of Italy hardly needs an introduction. If the cities can be considered lucky, then the Eternal City is full-on blessed. This remarkable place is home to outstanding arts, unique sights, stunning architecture, mouthwatering cuisine, excellent wines, and incredible people. It beckons travelers worldwide, and every person has their own list of reasons to visit Rome, Italy’s most famous city. Clearly, it’s impossible to name all possibilities, but there are several universal constants that can be found on almost every list. Let’s have a look at them, shall we? Read More “7 Reasons Why Rome Getaway Is a Great Idea”

Florence, a great Italy tour destination

10 Best Things to Do in Florence, Italy

Artistic, romantic, and inspiring – Florence is one of the most remarkable Italian cities. It’s a dream vacation spot for any history and art lover, an excellent option for a romantic getaway, and a perfect place to learn about Italy’s cultural heritage. But as man shall not live by bread alone, he also shall do something beyond exploring the renowned art museums. So, to help your prepare for the exciting trip ahead, we put together a list of the fun things to do in Florence. Some of the suggestions are free, some are not so much, but something on the list will surely suit your taste.  Read More “10 Best Things to Do in Florence, Italy”