Best Restaurants in Batumi: 5 Venues Not to Miss

Company is having fun in one fo the best restaurants in batumi

The general opinion is that the four calling cards of Georgia are breathtaking mountains, the warm and alluring Black Sea, amazing people, and mouthwatering traditional cuisine. The famous khachapuri, dolmas, and khinkali are only the tip of the iceberg, a fraction of what Georgia national delicacies have to offer. So, if you are wondering where to eat in the picturesque capital of Adjara, you’ve come to the right place. To help you navigate the delicious world of traditional Georgian cuisine, we’ve put together a few interesting options of the top Batumi restaurants you can put on your travel bucket list.

Top 5 Batumi Restaurants 

The White Restaurant (aka “The Inverted House”)

The exterior of White restaurant, one of most interesting dining venues in Batumi

To start the list of the Batumi top restaurants with anything but the White Restaurant is practically sacrilege. This fascinating venue is also known as Kiramala, and it’s not just a popular dining place. This is one of the city’s most famous sights you can’t miss during your tour to Georgia. The restaurant is housed in an upside-down building. The theme of the inverted architecture doesn’t stop with the exterior design. Inside, you will find the elements of the same concept pretty much everywhere.
The White Restaurant menu offers a wide choice of local and international cuisine. While it might be a tiny bit disappointing that the seating is rather traditional (read ‘on the floor”, no climbing is involved), the food quickly makes up for it. To top it all, almost every evening, guests enjoy beautiful live music.

Address: 18 Gorgiladze St, Batumi, Georgia

Old Boulevard

Delicious meal

Located right in the city center, Old Boulevard prides itself on impeccable service, delicious cuisine, and a cozy atmosphere. The waiters don’t skimp on compliments and always offer advice on the menu entries. The restaurant’s specialty is grilled meat, so make sure to try at least one variety of the dish, matching it with a glass of local wine. The servings in the venue are very generous, as is traditional for Georgia, and all guests get a complimentary plate of ripe and juicy fruits.

Old Boulevard frequently offers live music, and the program varies every night. The musicians are famously very skilled at reading the room’s mood. They do their best to provide the appropriate soundtrack for the evening, striving to enhance your dining experience.

Address: 23a Ninoshvili street, Batumi, Georgia


Traditional khachapuri

Khachapuri is one of the most famous Georgian dishes. The plain description of “Georgian cheese-filled bread” doesn’t justice to this hearty goodness. Imagine airy and light bread shaped like a boat filled with hot, stretching cheese. The traditional way to eat this delight is by ripping a piece of the warm pastry and dipping the crispy crust into the melted cheese. It sounds like the ultimate comfort food, right? 

If you are on board with us, you should head to Laguna Restaurant. It might not seem like something special from the outside, but the cafe is the oldest place specializing in khachapuri. Moreover, it’s located in the scenic city of Batumi and is extremely popular among tourists and locals alike. The restaurant daily serves up to 400 servings of their specialty, khachapuri po adjarsky! The portions are impressive even by Georgian standards – a small khachapuri is enough to feed two people. Other dishes not to miss are imeretinskiy khachapuri and puff pastry envelopes with penovani cheese filling.

While in Laguna, pay attention to the interiors, as the design boasts plenty of traditional details for Georgian architecture. Here you find heavy wooden furniture, wrought-iron benches, and marine-themed decorations. You can rest assured that you will feel very welcome there. 

Address: 18 Zurab Gorgiladze St, Batumi, Georgia


Traditional khinkali, a must-try dish on a Batumi vacation

Nestled near the famous city’s piazza, this Batumi restaurant came from a classic Soviet movie that inspired the venues’ interior designs. Inside, you will dive into the story’s atmosphere and get familiar with this gem of Georgian cinematography. And even if you don’t care much about the movies, you will still appreciate the stylish and quite original decor.

Mimino prides itself on meeting every guest with famous Georgian fervor and utmost respect and already makes it an exciting place to put on your travel agenda. The venue specializes in traditional Georgian cuisine. You can try some classic versions of the local dishes and some modern interpretations of the national delicacies. Feel free to pair them with a glass of wine that perfectly complements your food.

Address: Piazza Boutique Hotel, 25 Parnavaz Mepe St, Batumi, Georgia


A delicious meal you can try in Ajara, one of the best restaurants in Batuni

Jokes apart, Ajara is one of Batumi’s best restaurants. This place will win you right from the moment you go through the front doors. The staff is meeting all guests with open arms and a broad smile. After that cordial greeting, visitors take their cozy tables and get a rich menu. If you are struggling with a vast choice, feel free to ask for advice.

Adjara is famous for its delicious kharcho, classical Georgian beef-meat soup. Pork with prunes, khachapuri on a skewer, and trout in pomegranate sauce are other interesting and highly popular choices too. Interestingly, most of the dishes on the menu are for sharing, so Adjara is a perfect place to enjoy an evening filled with excellent food and excellent wine, and excellent company. 

Address: 11 Kutaisi St, Batumi, Georgia

Tips on Dining in Batumi 

Georgia is an interesting budget-friendly destination, and Batumi restaurants’ prices don’t disappoint. A big hearty meal for two on average costs about 40 EUR. As a rule, restaurants include a 10% service charge in the bill, and tipping extra is completely up to you. If the charge is not included and you want to express gratitude for an excellent service, a 5%-10% tip will be appreciated. 

Plus, be prepared that the restaurants in Batumi’s popular tourist areas tend to have a higher price tag than the venues located a bit farther from the city center and main sights. If your Georgia vacation is scheduled for the peak of the tourist season, it might be rather challenging to get a seat in some trendy venues, so it’s better to book a table at least a week before your trip.

While the country of Georgia can easily steal your heart, it will never let you go with an empty stomach! Local cuisine is all about comfort foods, smooth textures, reach flavors, and pleasantly tart wines. Georgian culture doesn’t tolerate haste when it comes to dining. Every meal should be savored and properly enjoyed! Luckily, with so many fantastic cafes and restaurants, exploring this part of the country’s national heritage is easy and very pleasant. And if you’ve already checked out all venues on our list and crave more suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out for more tips. 

by Ksenia Zaiceva