Long Weekend in Lucerne: Guide of the Best Things to Do

The city of Lucerne, a great place for a weekend break

The first thing to do in Lucerne is to put on a very comfortable pair of shoes. And this is not a joke. Lucerne, also known as Luzern, is located in a picturesque place, right in the heart of Switzerland. The breathtaking area reminds a travel postcard and is perfect for long weekend trip. Long walks in the city or surroundings are something you can’t avoid.

How to Spend Your Long Weekend

The Chapel Bridge

Right in the heart of Lucerne is the Chapel Bridge – the pride for all citizens and the cantonal’s Pearl. The government decided to build it in the 14th century, and already at that time, the Chapel Bridge became a significant attraction. The wooden bridge was an essential fortification, connected the old and new city sides, and protected the city from enemies. The Chapel Bridge has unique construction: it has a roof, columns, and one-of-a-kind decorations – paintings dating back to the 17th century. The Chapel Bridge has a sad story famous among all Swiss people – your local guide can’t skip this fact and share all details. Nowadays, this is the most significant wooden bridge in Europe. During your weekend trip to Lucerne, the walking tour to the bridge is just a must. 

The Chapel Bridge

The Dying Lion monument

Except for the stunning Old Town and the Chapel Bridge, one more attraction is famous worldwide – The Dying Lion monument.

This monument is dedicated to Swiss soldiers, that died during the French revolution. The Lion is lying in a small cave made inside a mountain. It would not be possible to choose a better location for this monument. The small lake is in front of the Lion, so you can see all the reflections and feel the real trembling.

The Dying Lion monument

Musegg Towers and Walls

If you like the adventure spirit and want to immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere, you shouldn’t skip Musegg Towers and Walls. This fortress was built for the city’s protection in the 13th century. There, on the entire length of the walls, you see nine gorgeous towers. Nowadays, only 4 of them are open to the public, inviting all visitors to enjoy the breathtaking view over Lucerne.

The Mount Pilatus

If you are keen on hiking, this activity is precisely for you. Leave in the morning to spend enough time hiking and having fun. Plenty of options for how to reach Mount Pilatus from Lucerne make the way there easily and accessible for everyone. 

Mount Pilatus is a great way to spend time with family or friends. Even solo travelers find what to do there: rope jumping, hiking, fondue evenings, or astronomy events. The complete information you can find on the official website of Mount Pilatus.

Mount Pilatus

Local cuisine

After long walks, it’s the question of honor to find a great place with local cuisine.  

One of the most popular between locals and tourists is Stern Luzern restaurant. The place is in the Old Town in the Stern Hotel, so if your GPS brings you there, don’t be surprised. 

Here you find traditional Swiss cuisine cooked and served in a modern way. Please note that this place is pretty small, so booking a table is a good idea.

Local food

One more enjoyable place for dinner is Restaurant Lapin. In a charming and cozy interior, the polite staff helps you choose the best wine for your dish and suggest the most delicious dessert. We do recommend trying their famous skewer at the table flambéed or the original Lucerne Fritschipastete.

If you are looking for something new in concept – you are welcome to Zur Werkstatt Luzern restaurant. There you have a choice of fixed menu vegetarian and non-vegetarian, consisting of a starter, main dish, and a dessert. All dishes are perfectly fitting together and really are great examples of the chef’s professionalism. Try the local wine and steaks – they are just amazing there.

Tips on your travel

When is the best time to travel?

According to social researches, Lucerne is one of the most popular cities in Switzerland. The city and generally the area are always warmly greeted by tourists and are famous for visiting. From June to August you see people from different countries and can expect crowds, however, the weather is excellent and you can enjoy sunny days in the magnificent town. If you want to avoid crowds – plan your travel to the end of September – October, as the weather is still fine, but most people have already had their vacation. If you like skiing go ahead with winter times, as around you, find stunning skiing paths.

How to mix Lucerne with areas nearby?

Depends on how many days you have for your travel, you can mix your stay in Lucerne with some days in cities nearby. For example, have a look at our Five days in Zurich and Lucerne itinerary to get inspiration for your long weekend trip. We also recommend considering visiting a stunning Bern and breathtaking Montreux if you have more days. The final for your trip could be in Geneva, where is located an international airport.