What to Know When Planning a Solo Trip

A woman with a yellow suitcase enjoying her solo vacation

If you’ve never traveled on your own, it might seem like an intimidating endeavor. Planning a trip isn’t always easy, but planning a vacation with no one to share your concerns with or split responsibilities with is overwhelming, to say the least. But even if it’s not always easy, there is a special magic about exploring the world on your own.

 Of course, some people believe that joy not shared is joy wasted and prefer to join a group tour when they can’t find a travel companion, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So what do you need to keep in mind when considering treating yourself to a solo trip to Europe?

Important Things About Solo Travel

Don’t Put Your Travel Dreams on Pause

A woman drinking a cocktail in Venice


We’ve all seen the beautiful pictures of happy families having the time of their lives in Disney World, happy couples kissing on a bridge in Venice, or a group of friends in Vegas, making memories they won’t forget (and some they will). Sometimes it might feel like the world is not designed for people traveling solo, like having a partner is a requirement to get full access to all the wonderful experiences to choose from and not some limited demo version.  

But don’t let the pretty photos fool you. With or without company, you can and should enjoy everything this big and amazing world has to offer. Trust us, Venice is just as splendid if you visit it on your own, and you definitely won’t be the only solo traveler there. And the rides at Disneyland might actually be more fun when you build the experience around yourself instead of trying to keep everyone in the family happy. Don’t limit yourself or put your travel dreams on pause just because you don’t want to do something alone. 

Hotels Are Expensive

A woman in a hotel treating herself to a breakfast in bed


As hotels charge per room, accommodations take a lion’s share of vacation expenses when traveling solo. While some hotels offer special rooms designed for solo travelers, in most cases, they are about 10% cheaper than double-occupancy accommodations. This is why a lot of people opt for staying in hostels when enjoying a vacation on their own, but as you can imagine, the level of comfort they provide leaves a lot to be desired. Although, to be fair, hostels might be an excellent option to consider not only for people on a budget but also for extroverts who need other people to recharge, as they are first and foremost social environments. But let’s be honest, the comfort of not having to compromise, making peace with strangers snoring next to you, or sharing a bathroom with people you don’t know when staying in a hotel is hard to beat. 

Leave Yourself Room for Maneuver

A woman wnjoying herself on a hike during her solo vacation

One of the best things about traveling alone is that you have full control of your itinerary. A workshop with a local fashionista, a 25-kilometer hike, a few hours in a cookware museum—nothing is off limits, and the world is your oyster. But it also means that there is no one to share the responsibility for managing your travels with. Make sure not to overplan, as you will want a break when you don’t have to be constantly aware of your schedule and can allow yourself a leisurely stroll without the need to track the time or worry about places to be. 

As you know, we offer a support line for all globetrotters traveling with us, and you can rest assured that our experienced destination specialists will do their best to resolve any issues that might arise with your itinerary. This way, even when traveling alone, you still have the comfort of sharing the responsibility for your experience.

Eating Alone Might Need Getting Used To

A woman eating alone at a restaurant


The sad truth is that way too many people find the idea of eating alone at a restaurant terrifying. If you’ve never walked into a restaurant on your own with the crippling irrational anxiety of how you will be perceived, good for you. If you know this kind of social anxiety intimately, then eating out on your solo vacation might seem like a daunting prospect. And no, constantly being told that it’s all in your head and that no one really cares is of no help, regardless of how true this statement is thank you very much.

What does help is practice. Every time you take yourself to dinner, it will be a little bit easier than the previous night out on your own. To make it easier to start, you might use the oldest trick in the book and bring some light reading you can focus on with you to the restaurant (scrolling through TikTok will also work). Alternatively, eating at a bar that usually feels less on-display might be a great option to consider.

And, objectively, eating out alone has a lot of perks. For example, you can actually concentrate on the food rather than nodding to your friend’s latest work drama; no one is here to judge your order; and you can actually take a moment to be mentally and emotionally present in your beautiful self, tuning in on what you need.

Is traveling solo a piece of cake? Nope. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Not everything might turn out like you expect it to, especially if it’s your first trip. But if you are prepared to step out of your comfort zone from time to time, make sure to listen to yourself and allow yourself to have fun – rest assured that your trip will be amazing. And if you entrust the planning to us, we will do all the meticulous planning and worry about the details while you pack your bags, buy plane tickets, and get excited about the adventure to come.

by Ksenia Zaiceva