Breathtaking lake and mountains in Switzerland

Is Switzerland Expensive to Visit?

If you are planning a trip to Switzerland, you’ve probably seen a fair share of questions regarding the prices in the country. The web is bursting with discussions about why Switzerland is so expensive, and there are plenty of forums offering tips on how one can reduce the overwhelming costs. So, let’s see if Switzerland vacations are truly unaffordable. Read More “Is Switzerland Expensive to Visit?”

Stunning mountain town in Switzerland

Switzerland Travel Guide: When to Go & What to Pack

Breathtaking Switzerland should be on the travel bucket list of anyone hungry for the world. The cultural diversity of the place is endearing, and every region has something unique to treat you with. The country is peaceful, fascinating, and so unbelievably beautiful. The natural landscapes are truly breathtaking, so it’s hardly a wonder that Switzerland prides itself on some of the most spectacular train routes on the planet. But before you drop everything and go packing for the vacation of your dreams, there are a few things to consider first. Read More “Switzerland Travel Guide: When to Go & What to Pack”

A woman drinking aperol spritz near the Colloseum

7 Reasons Why Rome Getaway Is a Great Idea

The capital city of Italy hardly needs an introduction. If the cities can be considered lucky, then the Eternal City is full-on blessed. This remarkable place is home to outstanding arts, unique sights, stunning architecture, mouthwatering cuisine, excellent wines, and incredible people. It beckons travelers worldwide, and every person has their own list of reasons to visit Rome, Italy’s most famous city. Clearly, it’s impossible to name all possibilities, but there are several universal constants that can be found on almost every list. Let’s have a look at them, shall we? Read More “7 Reasons Why Rome Getaway Is a Great Idea”

Florence, a great Italy tour destination

10 Best Things to Do in Florence, Italy

Artistic, romantic, and inspiring – Florence is one of the most remarkable Italian cities. It’s a dream vacation spot for any history and art lover, an excellent option for a romantic getaway, and a perfect place to learn about Italy’s cultural heritage. But as man shall not live by bread alone, he also shall do something beyond exploring the renowned art museums. So, to help your prepare for the exciting trip ahead, we put together a list of the fun things to do in Florence. Some of the suggestions are free, some are not so much, but something on the list will surely suit your taste.  Read More “10 Best Things to Do in Florence, Italy”

A close up of a man's hand holding a passport and a plane ticket, he is about to go on his vacation to Europe

How to Plan a Trip to Europe on a Budget?

Do you remember the famous saying, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you reacher”? There is no arguing the veracity of the statement. However, we all know that the pleasure of exploring the world isn’t cheap. Hotels, flights, transfers, excursions, food – nothing is free, and the trip of your dreams can end up costing you a pretty penny. But if you plan smart and are patient, there are a few tricks you can use to reduce the cost of your Europe vacation. How to plan a trip to Europe read in our new article. Read More “How to Plan a Trip to Europe on a Budget?”

The city of Lucerne, a great place for a weekend break

Long Weekend in Lucerne: Guide of the Best Things to Do

The first thing to do in Lucerne is to put on a very comfortable pair of shoes. And this is not a joke. Lucerne, also known as Luzern, is located in a picturesque place, right in the heart of Switzerland. The breathtaking area reminds a travel postcard and is perfect for long weekend trip. Long walks in the city or surroundings are something you can’t avoid. Read More “Long Weekend in Lucerne: Guide of the Best Things to Do”

Company is having fun in one fo the best restaurants in batumi

Best Restaurants in Batumi: 5 Venues Not to Miss

The general opinion is that the four calling cards of Georgia are breathtaking mountains, the warm and alluring Black Sea, amazing people, and mouthwatering traditional cuisine. The famous khachapuri, dolmas, and khinkali are only the tip of the iceberg, a fraction of what Georgia national delicacies have to offer. So, if you are wondering where to eat in the picturesque capital of Adjara, you’ve come to the right place. To help you navigate the delicious world of traditional Georgian cuisine, we’ve put together a few interesting options of the top Batumi restaurants you can put on your travel bucket list. Read More “Best Restaurants in Batumi: 5 Venues Not to Miss”